Using a manual writing template can expedite your work but with so many options out there for you to choose from, how would you know which one is appropriate or not? There are different manuals out there that are required to be written such as user manual, training manual, software/hardware manual, procedure manual, and operations manual just to name a few. Although there are differences in writing these manuals, they also have similarities. This is why having a template is a good idea because it can help speed things up in your side. And when it comes to templates, you can get one from us.

Tips for Manual Writing Template

  • Identify the Target Audience. Before manuals are written, the audience needs to be identified first including their age, skill level, and specialization so that the writer will know the level of writing they will apply in the manual.
  • Always Create an Outline. An outline is everything when it comes to writing manuals because this will help you organize information into chapters and their flow as well. Without one, the content of your manual will be done haphazardly which can confuse your readers.
  • Choose the Right Format. You need to format your manual accordingly because this helps your readers get the information that they are looking for in a flash.
  • Add Details. If the manual that you need to write requires steps to be followed, you need to write them down in detail. However, write in brief but concise as this will help your readers absorb the information quickly.
  • Review and Edit. Let someone review your manual for feedback. Listen to what they have to say and make the necessary changes until your manual gets their approval.

Technical Manual Template Sample

Here’s a sample template that you can use when creating a manual. This one is for a user manual:

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Scope/Purpose
    2. Procedure Overview
  2. Process 1 (Workflow)
    1. Sub-processes 1
      1. Detailed Instructions
      2. Samples
    2. Sub-processes 2
      1. Detailed Instructions
      2. Samples
  3. Process 2 (Workflow)
    1. Sub-processes 1
      1. Detailed Instructions
      2. Samples
    2. Sub-processes 2
      1. Detailed Instructions
      2. Samples
  4. Appendices
  5. Indexes

Our Samples

Operations Manual

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Training Manual

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User manual

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Software Manual

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