Training manuals are designed to contain instructions for a particular training session where outlines of the topics to be discussed are included along with general references and activities that will be done in the training. Writing a training manual requires careful understanding on what the training will be about, what activities are included, as well as knowledge as to who will be attending the session. The training manual should be clear and concise so that participants of the training will be able to follow the course with ease and get as many information as possible. If you need help writing your training manuals, don’t hesitate to come to us because we are here to provide you with the best assistance there is.

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Tips in Writing a Training Manual

  • Know the audience. If you are assigned to write the training manual, it is important that you know who your audience is, their level of expertise, and the product or topic that will be discussed.
  • Build an outline. The outline is everything when writing a manual because it helps you keep things organized and it ensures that everything included in the training will be covered in the manual.
  • First the orientation. When you write your training manual, give a brief overview of the company its structure, and its rules.
  • Write in chapters. Each lesson should be in chapters with an overview of the subject at the top. Any other relevant details should be written in brief.
  • Add summaries. After each chapter, make sure that you add a summary where references and quick links are included to facilitate a better understanding of the topics in the training manual.
  • Test the manual. Test the training manual with a select group of people to see whether it is effective or not.

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  • Encourage feedback. Just about all of your employees need training, no matter their role in the business or position. Because training influences every employee, it is highly important to always try and have the best training in place. This is why real, honest feedback and suggestions on how to improve and better the employee training and to make it more efficient and useful are incredibly helpful. This could be to improve writing a training manual, or suggestions on how to make it easier to understand for everyone.
  • Use an active voice tone and style. By writing in an active voice you can make it easier for the reader to engage in the text and manual. This can be created by writing in a way with a clear subject in the sentences and paragraphs and concise use of verbs.
  • Write for the reader. The user manual should mainly be focused on the audience and reader, such as your employees. When writing the manual, include specific words such as ‘’we’’ or ‘you’’ which encourages the reader and makes the reader feel involved and relevant. If you don’t know how to write a training manual, remember to avoid passive, nonpersuasive language.
  • Include eye-catching text and images. When writing a training manual you can persuade the reader to engage in the text by creating an eye-catching, interesting manual with clear font and text as well as relevant images, graphs or data charts to draw in the reader and encourage the reader to read on without getting overwhelmed or bored with chunky, plain text.
  • Create manual standards. When writing a training manual, try and create the document in a professional way with high standards, you can do this by making a standard template for each time a manual is written. This established high professional standards and is more likely to be taken seriously. Use the same tone of voice, writing style, relevant images, graphs and language used throughout. Not only does this create a better, easier to read a training manual, but you also encourage employees not to dismiss the manual.
  • Reinforce information. When your employees are reading over the training manual, the information may be too much to take in. And they might struggle with retaining all of the new information in the manual. This is expected, so to make sure the information is remembered you can write in bullet lists, use bold lettering, and summaries to make it easier for the reader to take in new knowledge.
  • Avoid chunky text. The shorter the paragraphs, the better the training manual! Keep it nice and simple, your employees don’t want to be dreading the read of pages after pages of unnecessarily long tet.
  • Proofread. Before you print out dozens of manuals, ensure the second pair of eyes also glance over the manual to ensure no grammatical errors and spelling mistakes are in the text. This also makes sure the manual is written at an appropriate level, is clear and easy to understand and free of complicated ‘jargon’ words.

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