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Understanding how to design a manual is an essential skill if you must develop content that would be of relevance to your audience and help solve their needs for information or guidance. The nature of need would determine whether it requires technical manual writing or training manual writing.

What to Do with a Manual Design

A manual design is useful for achieving the following:

  • A manual provides an opportunity to conduct effective training for employees or staff of an organization.
  • A manual serves as a means to provide useful information on products and services put out for sale to the public.
  • It serves as a guide for online and offline training courses stating the terms and conditions of use. Check our site for a manual writing template.

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Different Types of Manuals Including Technical Manual Design

  • Conference materials: A product or technical manual design for a conference manual or handbook provides details information on the training to help participants keep up with the training during and after the event.
  • Workbook: A workbook is a form of training material that provides practical steps and exercises to help participants get a better understanding of the topic under discourse.
  • Self-paced guide: The self-paced guide helps trainees to go through the training on their own with easy to understand steps.
  • Reference manual: A reference manual is a checklist to guide or give instructions to staffs and participants on the procedures for carrying out a task successfully.
  • Staff Handbook: The staff handbook is a job aid manual that specifies what each staffs job description in the workplace should be. It also states the relationship between each staff, responsibilities and control measures.

Components of an Effective Product Manual Design


Of course, the content is the primary information contained in the manual, including Product Manual Design. The first thing to consider is the topic and how to make it relevant to the audience or users. The second thing is to ensure the main content of the guide or manual and the need to break them into modules, chapters and central themes for easy understanding and administration.


Every manual has an audience so you must write with the characteristics of the audience in mind.


A manual should be written easy enough for the audience to understand and apply. Using illustrations, examples, and assignment to be done later can help the audience adapt what they have learned. Manual for a trainer and the trainees can be different as the trainer’s manual contains more guides, prompts, and demonstrations. The trainee manual should contain exercises, space for comments, text, and examples.

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Manual Design Creation Process Plus Graphic Design a User’s Manual

Idea stage:

You need to plan the content based on your knowledge of the topic, the audience and the objective of the training. Put down all thoughts and idea to avoid forgetting them.


To effectively manage the training, divide the content into modules and chapters of central themes.

Manual Style

Identify the style you intend using, Modern Language Association (MLA), American Psychological Association (APA) or the Chicago Manual Style. The three styles listed above will provide you with a guide to the presentation, citation and reference format. Use a style sheet to ensure the training manual offers consistency in style.

Create the Manual

To start with, make a draft of the training manual and then use short sentences and paragraphs, dividing the content into sections, chapters, and modules that connect. The manual must have the main idea and an explanation, rationale, examples or illustrations and possibly exercises for each chapter or module, and references. You can also graphic design a user’s manual

Editing of Training Manual

Check for error in facts, grammatical blunders, misspelled words, copyright issues and more.

Bind a Training Manual

Choose from a long list of the binding format using the card, paper, and other formats.

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