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Seven Tips on Writing a Perfect Desk Manual

A desk manual contains the information and processes that an individual employee uses to conduct their work. It is most important for each employee to have his or her own desk manuals. In case they resign or are absent at work because of various reasons, it will be easy for someone else to be appointed in their position and continue from where the former employee left without any difficulties or complications. Our website is going to help you learn how to write a safety manual or a desk one.

Here are the seven tips on writing a perfect desk manual:

  • Identify the WWWH (what, where, why and how) of the manual

what, where, why and how in the manual

The primary objective of a desk manual is to identify what needs to be done. You have to know what tasks you are going to carry out in the course of the day in order to get started with the job. Use visual aids like pictures of the processes and the activities that need to be conducted to make it easier for everyone.

When should these activities and process occur? The manual has to answer this question. There might be some specific activities that usually occur at a certain time of the year, do not forget to enlist them. As much as you will include the daily activities, keep track of the less occurring ones too just to make sure nothing is left out.

Knowing this will give someone the reason to accomplish a task within the required period.

Lastly, how do you go about doing all the tasks, how do you save the completed files in the computer, how do you arrange your work, how do you write specific letters and how do you conduct research among other things. This will help when even a stranger needs to do your job while you are away because it will be easy.

  • Include primary contacts

desk manual writing Include primary contacts

There must be some people whom you contact frequently because they are important to your job or because they are connected to your line of work. It is important to include their contacts in your desk manual.

  • Provide the passwords of all work-related databases and accounts

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We tend to be forgetful from time to time; you cannot keep on memorizing all the passwords of the email accounts, computers, phone systems and the databases. That is why it is important to include them in the desk manual.


  • List and describe the key routine processes

how to write a desk manual

There are routine tasks that are always done during certain a time, include in the desk manual the weekly activities that one might tend to forget to do. It will act as a daily reminder and one will finally master the routine.

  • Do not forget the maintenance

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Yes, even desk manuals need to be reviewed because tasks and activities at the workplace are always changing and being altered. Make it a habit to carry out the required maintenance after a specified period. Most importantly, write down the revision dates so you can determine when it was last updated.

  • Mark the key red flags

desk manual help red flags

By doing this, you will give those who come before you a chance to be aware of the problems that you experienced before and be able to avoid repeating them.

  • Include a table of contents, flowcharts, screenshots, and links

desk manual writing assistance contents

The processes involved might be complicated and hard to comprehend, a table of contents will act as a guide for others to find items quickly and flow charts will provide the steps to be followed to accomplish a certain task. Online links will help get the tasks done where one can look up the process of operating machines or carrying out office activities. Lastly, screenshots will come in handy when there are processes being explained, they provide a visual aid for a systematic process.

Develop your own desk manual now, get it over with, and avoid losing all the work files, information and having to start from point zero again. It can be really tedious and disappointing but our manual writing services are here to ensure that does not happen.

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7 Tips on Writing a Perfect Desk Manual