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How to Write a Flawless Safety Manual

how to write a safety manualA safety manual is meant to protect workers and make a good public image of the company or an organisation. At the workplace, accidents are prone to happen. According to a survey carried out in 2010, 3.9 million Americans suffer job related accidents annually and cost a lot of money due to those injuries. The information, rules, and guidelines found in the safety manual help in the safety management of a company and reduce the injury costs.

Here is the main tips that will help you write a flawless safety manual:

  • Carry out a prior research

Gather data and information about all the hazards that are found in the workplace and need to be noted down. The company management system and its employees can help in identifying the things to be included in the safety manual. If an organisation has many different departments then it is necessary that each department have a safety manual depending on the type of activities that are carried out there.

Identify the most critical safety issues a service manual should focus on and prioritize them. It is mostly important that counteractive actions be taken instantly and communicated to all employees and unpaid assistants working in the organizations. If there are any changes in procedures in the future, be sure to evaluate these will employees and the other staff involved.

  • Consider the main issues and the manual format

Write the main issues first and in detail and then the primary issues and lastly the related issues should be listed. Some government organisations require their safety manuals to be written in a specified manner for the certain activities and procedures. In this case, it is very important to follow the provided stipulations lest you let the organisation suffer grave consequences from the government.

Make sure to include the emergency response system information by mentioning where the system is in the premises. Mostly an alarm is used in most organisations or others may use an intercom page used to indicate that there is an emergency. Provide a consistent layout of the manual so that the readers can focus on the most important concepts, understand and read it easily.

The manual should be easy to comprehend so that the employees and those it is intended for can be able to read it regularly. The font style and size should be readable and the titles and sub titles should have a larger font size for empathy. To introduce a topic, headings and subheadings should be used to separate the texts. Include many white spaces and adequate margins in the manual.

  • Make it readable

The safety manual contains rules, regulations, policies and instructions that workers need to go through from time to time be it for reference or memorizing purpose. Therefore, use simple English, words and make the sentences and paragraphs short and brief but with the appropriate details. Passive voices tent to confuse people hence the need to write the safety manual in an active voice. This will ensure that you use few words to explain the same information saving time and space.

In a safety manual, there should not be incidences of use of jargon. If you have to use some terminologies then use them correctly by defining them in detail and using clear and simple language. The abbreviations and symbols included in the manual should be explained. You can do this by listing them and giving out the definitions of each acronym and symbol to avoid confusions and misunderstanding. An operational, well-organized workplace safety manual could cause extensive savings in workers, compensate costs and make up for the lost workdays.

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How to Write a Flawless Safety Manual