What are those technology inventions that had catalyzed technical writing at the time? If you want to make it big in the technology world and know how such catalyzed technical writing at the time, check out the following. You can also use a professional manual writing template for your guidance.
technology inventions catalyzed technical writing

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Top Technology Inventions

  • Palmtop computer: It was in the Atari Portfolio in 1989 and it appeared in the movie “Terminator 2.”
  • First mouse: It was by Douglas Engelbart in 1963 and was first a wooden mouse. The first proper mouse was by Xerox.
  • First IBM hard drive: It was an invention in 1956 and the first model was called the IBM Model 350 Disk. It was the size of a cupboard and it could hold up to 5 MB of data only.
  • Digital circuit: It was invented by Claude Shannon in 1937. He was the father of information technology and invented the digital circuit while taking his master’s degree.
  • First printer: It was invented by Chester Carlson in 1938. It was known as the dry printing process and was widely known as Xerox.

If you would be an inventor in the future or perhaps sooner, you will also need to create a manual, a guide book or reference on how your product is to be used. There are some tips to remember in manual writing, and some of them we’ve outlined below.

Tips for Manual Writing

Put yourself on the shoes of your readers/users: When writing, consider your users. Remember, they have to understand your guide; if not, there is no point in writing it. Who are your users? What is their background? These and other questions will help you in putting up a user guide that is tailored for your users. When you think like them, you can write a guide that will be understood. Use an active voice, a sentence with an obvious subject and verb. An active voice is preferred and far more understandable than a passive voice. Additionally, focus on your readers, especially when writing information, such as instructions.

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Exciting Technology Inventions Catalyzed Technical Writing At The Time